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HVAC Services

Air Conditioning / Heating

Whether It’s minor repairs or Installing a new system, Shockley’s has you covered with the best HVAC services & equipment.

Mini Split Ductless Systems

When it comes to service and /or replacement, we have you covered.

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We offer one time or Seasonal Maintenance Agreements. Serving serve all your needs. Keeping keep your system running strong for seasons to come.

Manufacturers Recommend performing yearly maintenance of your Heat & Air to keep it cooling and heating efficiently and safe, to identify problems before they become expensive to repair and to extend the life of your System.  

Shockley’s offers single, bi-annual, and quarterly plans where our licensed, trained and fully insured technicians will help you get your A/C or Heat ready for the season, including checking/changing filters, checking refrigerant, cleaning your inside and outside units when accessible, inspecting wiring, motors and making sure your air conditioning is blowing as cold as it should.


Air Conditioning Installation

Replacing your air conditioning unit is a major project, and an experienced air conditioner installer can help you select a dependable unit that fits your lifestyle and then perform the installation.


Air Conditioning Repair

The need for air conditioning repairs can happen at any time, and having an HVAC contractor do the work can make solving the problem simple. Shockleys Heat & Air offers fast service, free quotes.


Air Duct Installation

Poorly installed or corroded ductwork can cost you a lot in terms of wasted energy. But more than that, leaky ducts can contaminate your indoor air with mold, dust, and toxins that pose health issues.



Air Duct Repair

Over time, your heating and cooling system’s air ducts can get clogged and damaged. When this happens, your air quality can become compromised and your system can start to operate less efficiently or fail altogether. Fortunately, Shockleys Heat & Air has solutions.


Commercial HVAC Installation

Is your commercial HVAC system on its way out and looking for a commercial HVAC installation contractor? You’ve come to the right place. Shockleys Heat & Air is a proud provider of commercial HVAC installation services in Yukon, OK.


Emergency Air Conditioning System Service

We offer emergency air conditioning service. If you’re like most home or business owners in Yukon, OK, you rely on your air conditioning system to keep your property cool when the weather heats up.